Dead and Reborn!

Bigger, badder and better than ever!
Bigger, badder and better than ever!

The old Vikapproved Blog ran out of gigabots due the excess quantities of bike porn. I’m cheap and always ready to kill or reboot shit so I’m letting that site snooze and starting this fresh freaky and fun Vikapproved Mk2 Blog.

One of these days when I retire from the rat race I’ll consolidate all my shizzle in one amazing site to rule them all. For now here are links to all the crap I’ve written:

As always I must warn you that the content you read on this blog may offend the puritanical, the stupid and the people that ride pizza  cutters in tight pants. I’m sorry about that, but that’s just the way it is – accept it!

If you are unsatisfied with anything you read contact me at and I will provide a full refund off everything you’ve paid me to read this site. No really I will! 😉

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