Surly Krampus Bikepacking Rig 3yr Review

High and mighty...
High and mighty…

My last post on the old Vikapproved Blog is a Surly Krampus 29+ Review. I figured it was worth reposting here to check out this theme’s features.


5 thoughts on “Surly Krampus Bikepacking Rig 3yr Review

  1. Vik,
    As usual a splendid write up!!
    Question for you….. I’m gonna get me a Krampus, and I’m wondering about size.
    I’ve been riding a 18″ pre dropped TT Pugsley since ’08.
    I’ve done the measure thing, and I fall in between the 17 and 19.
    Since no one locally stocks a Krampus, I’m as always SOL for test riding one 1st.
    I’m 6′ tall, 32 inseam.
    In your article you said, for your riding area, you dropped down a size, but if you had wide open riding you’d have gone with the 19″.
    You and a a couple others were “go to reading” when I was building my Pugs back then, and I thought I’d pick your brain a bit here also.
    My riding consists of midwest single-track, abandoned iron ore mining roads, forest roads and the like. Nothing hugely techy, but challenging for this old fat guy!! 😉

    Peace, Joe


    1. Thanks for the kind words Joe.

      I’m 5’11” with a 33″ pant’s inseam. Normal proportions…well more or less! I rode an 18″ Pugs with a 100mm stem very happily.

      I now ride a medium Krampus aka 17″ with a decent stem length…can’t recall exactly what, but it’s ~100mm.

      A large Krampus has ~1″ longer ETT and ~1″ higher standover. The longer ETT could be accounted for by a shorter stem with no issues. The higher standover would only be an issue for me at the end of a long day where throwing my leg over the bike is harder. On the medium I find that at the end of the day or during an awkward situation I might smack my foot into the TT getting on or off. With a large that would happen more often. Once riding I don’t see the higher TT as an issue at all. As a bonus I’d get some extra frame space for cargo on the large.

      Compared to a 18″ Pugs [current geo]:

      – Krampus medium has 0.6″ longer ETT and 0.5″ higher SO
      – Krampus large has 1.4″ longer ETT and 1.4″ higher SO

      Since you have the older style Pugs your SO is a bit higher so the difference in SO will be less. I’m not sure how much less, but maybe 0.5″.

      So my guess is you could ride either size by adjusting the stem. With your inseam you might like the smaller bike better for getting on and off.

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