Victoria to Tofino Bikepacking

Galloping Goose heading for Sooke, BC...
Galloping Goose heading for Sooke, BC…

Jonathan and Bill rode from Victoria to Tofino, BC along part of the Vancouver Island Bikepacking Route and then hopping on a ferry to complete the journey to Tofino.

Enjoy the video above of their sweet trip. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Victoria to Tofino Bikepacking

  1. Can’t wait to do this trip in May this yr! Question…are there any water crossings that would be exceptionally high with spring runoff?…


    1. Hi Keith,

      The only water crossing from Cape Scott to Victoria is near Leech Town and it’s optional. You can skip it and ride down to Sooke around it.

      Could be high, but it’s a pretty small creek/stream so I don’t think it would be insurmountable.


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