Stansbury’s Guest House Review


I love Cumberland BC a lot. For quality and quantity of riding on Vancouver Island it has every other destination beat by a mile. Add a low key village to enjoy and great local riding community to hang with and it’s even sweeter.

Not surprisingly we end up in Cumby several times each year and still wish we had gone there more often. Being a 3hr drive from Victoria I hate to waste gas for a day trip and usually try and to make it a 2 or 3 day affair, which means we need to sleep somewhere. We’ve tried pretty much all the options in Cumberland from the Riding Fool Hostel, camping at the lake to renting a house and we also stayed at the Stansbury’s Guest House.

Of all these options I liked the Stanbury’s the best. It was the best space for a couple or a larger group. It was quiet and relaxing when off the bike which is important to me. I’ve stayed at the hostel 3 or 4 times over the years and never had a good night’s sleep with all the partying happening inside or outside the building.


Gwen and Scott Stansbury are the owners. They live in one of the 4 units on the property and rent out the other 3 units. I wasn’t sure how I would enjoy having the owners living with us when our mountain bike club rented all the units this year for a long weekend. As it turned out Gwen and Scott are both mountain bikers, very friendly and they were not intrusive so we had a great time at their place.

Check out their website to see the layout and pricing for each unit. There are larger and smaller options depending on how many people are in your group. Everything is bright and clean. The kitchens are well stocked with everything you need to cook if you bring your own groceries. They have a locked bike storage area and a bike wash. The unit I stayed in had a washer and dryer for our stinky bike gear and there was a BBQ outside we could use.


I stayed in Suite B which is a 2 bedroom unit on the upper level of their property. It rents for $170/night and we slept 4 adults + 1 kid comfortably in it. So that’s ~$43/night for the adults and for comparison the hostel is just under $30/night for a room in the dorm. As long as you can fill a unit the prices are competitive.

Located just off the main street you can walk to all the businesses you need access to and ride to the trails in under 5 mins.

My last trip to Cumberland I stayed at the hostel and after getting very little sleep due to a band at the Cumberland Hotel that sounded like it was playing right next to my head I vowed never to stay there again. I really regretted not booking the Stanbury’s Guest House instead. On the same trip I rode past Scott building a new very sweet trail. Thanks Scott that new section was really fun!

2016 will see the Dirt Hombres staying at the Stanbury’s a bunch more. 🙂

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