X-Fusion Hilo Dropper Post Review

16489351223_8b284b0819_k (1)
Happy back when my dropper was working…

I put an X-Fusion Hilo dropper post on my Nomad last December. Given my injuries over the last year and the fact the Nomad is my winter bike that post has seen ~3 months of solid riding…maybe 4 at the outside.

You can read my initial thoughts about this post here.

We had a dry fall so I only recently busted out the Nomad for winter riding. The dropper was not coming back up very fast and within a short time it only would come back to 50% height. This was a major pain in the ass as I use my dropper more than I shift.

X-Fusion Hilo Dropper…

After one really annoying ride I just stripped the X-Fusion off my bike and took it back to MEC were I had bought it. They gave me back my money no questions asked which was nice. 🙂

I have ordered a Reverb for the Nomad. It costs nearly twice the price of the X-Fusion, but spending my rides trying to make my bike work how I want it to is not worth saving a few dollars. Especially given how much time I spend on my bike and my Pivot uses the same size dropper so I’ll have a quality back up now.

To be fair the same X-Fusion model dropper installed at the same time on Sharon’s Nomad is still chugging along.

So while I’m not stoked by X-Fusion based on our experiences so far. I would still buy another X-Fusion product, but I’d make sure it’s from a vendor like MEC with an easy return policy.

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