I Killed a Continental Trail King

I buy my TKs in bulk!

I’ve run many sets of Continental Trail Kings in 2.4″ width on my 26er and 27.5 bikes. For the most part I’ve had good luck with them. I like the width of the 2.4″, they roll fast, give excellent traction and wear slowly.

I’ve heard rumblings of people having some problems with these tires, but avoided any unpleasantness myself. Well until this winter trip to Arizona.

Working on destroying my rear TK…

I managed to pinch flat my rear TK plowing through chunk which I fixed with a tubeless tire plug. However, I also damaged the casing somehow so that the tire itself developed a large wobble despite the rim being true. The rear triangle of my Pivot Mach 6 didn’t have enough clearance for a wide tire plus big wobble so the tire was replaced. 😦

I was sad to get rid of that tire since it had at least another year of use left in it. Regardless I’ll put another TK on my Pivot. Looking at the big picture the TK has served me well as a tire so I won’t let one bad experience change my mind about it.


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