Prescott, Arizona

Big sky and big rocks in Prescott…

We spent the day riding in Prescott yesterday. To say it was an eye opener is an understatement. I’ve been coming to Sedona for over 15yrs and there is so much riding in the area that leaving town to explore further just hasn’t happened. This trip we got motivated by an offer to show us around from a member Andy so we drove a little over an hour south-west to the Dells area.

Prescott AZ Map
Map of our ride…

Giant chunks of granite littered as far as the eye could see made for some challenging and very techy lines. It was a literal mountain bike playground. You could spend a whole day in a small area working on all the potential lines without moving more than a few hundred feet from where you started.

Still smiling…

Andy brought a big crew of locals out to accompany us and it was great to meet new people as well as see all the different riding styles and lines people were taking.

You can download a GPS track of our ride here.

All in all our appetites were whetted and we’re excited about coming back for a week to explore.

The stairs…

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