My 2015 Top 10 List!

It’s always island time here…

#1 – Living some place awesome with year round biking potential.

Before I moved to Victoria I had no idea what I was missing by living in a location that did not allow for 365 days/year access to amazing mountain bike trails.  Now that I have gotten a taste I couldn’t imagine living somewhere without this.

14254344497_70432c9e7a_k (1)
Some of the Hombres…

#2 – Having great friends and spending time with them doing fun stuff.

I’m lucky to know a lot of very nice folks spread all over Canada and the US. Having free time to spend with them is great. It’s even better when we can do something fun like ride bikes.

The best bike is the one I already own…

#3 – The sweet bike I already own.

Getting lusty for a new wunder bike is easy, but what I really appreciate is the amazing bike[s] I already own and can ride any time I like.

I don’t take my ability to ride for granted…

#4 – Being healthy enough to ride most of the time.

I started 2015 with a couple health issues that meant several months of zero riding. That really makes you appreciate times when you are feeling good. Most of 2015 ended up being decent in the health department and I’m hopeful for an even better 2016. 🙂

8503078901_3c15e63c49_k (1)
7 years and counting…

#5 – Buying quality parts and maintaining them.

I hate using crappy parts that don’t work well and let you down at critical moments. Conversely a well made part that works nicely and lasts a reasonable amount of time is a joy to use. I’m doing my best to stay focused on buying quality and not saving money foolishly. I also make maintaining my gear a priority so that I get the most from it.

Do I want more riding or more gear?

#6 – Getting a handle on my bike related budget and focusing on my real priorities.

If you are a normal working person it’s very easy to spend so much on gear that you have no free time to use it. I’m staying focused on the opportunity cost of stuff I buy. Would you rather have 10 sweet bikes and have no time to ride them or 2 sweet bikes and you can take an extra month off a year to spin pedals? Ultimately that’s the practical choice you are making every time you buy something new.

The Dirty Girlz enjoy new to us Kelowna singletrack…

#7 – Exploring new trails.

Every time I start to get bored with my riding I hunt down a new trail or get shown something fresh unexpectedly. It totally clears the cobwebs from my head and I get jazzed to ride again. Thanks to everyone who builds new trails and folks that take the time to show others around your favourite routes.

Trees don’t clear themselves…

#8 – Giving back to the community.

Trails just don’t happen. I’ve tried my hand at trail building/maintenance and I don’t enjoy it. I will still get out a couple times a year to do some, but I’m never going to be a major force in my local trail building community. That doesn’t mean I can’t contribute though. I’ve  given money to my local trail building and advocacy group as well as attended board meetings for the last 2 years. I’ve organized rides and out of town events to encourage local riders to turn pedals. I’ve helped other riders select and maintain their gear. I’ve also been blogging about biking for a bunch of years to get people stoked to ride.

“Where is the trail?”…

#9 – Inspiring trip/ride reports.

I definitely appreciate folks that post trip reports online that get me excited to pedal my bike. Whether it’s a day ride or an epic tour it’s great to see the world from another person’s perspective. I’ll give even more props to people that post “how to” info about their rides. I get tired of the “check out my super sweet ride that I won’t share enough info for you to find the same spot” type posts. If you want to keep a secret just don’t post anything.

Buff riding in the Chilcotins…

#10 – Bike camping.

I love biking and I love camping. It makes me really happy when I get to do both at the same time. Pairing down my gear to the essentials and being in “the zone” for several days at a time is a great way for me to reset my brain into a more relaxed mode. I’m looking forward to a bunch of sweet bikepacking trips this year. 🙂

9 thoughts on “My 2015 Top 10 List!

  1. Great list! I’ve been thinking along the lines of your #1 lately. Been riding for 5 years, just turned 30, and I figure I have ~20-25 yrs of good hard riding ahead of me (if I’m lucky). I want to really maximize that time. Brother just moved to Bellingham, WA too…


      1. Thanks, will do,,, I’m sure you have lots to share, looking at April timeline, living between my Mom’s place near Sydney and my Van.


  2. This was a great post to read, thanks for sharing! I feel the same way about folks who talk about how epic their rides are and then don’t share details about the location. On my own bike blog, I’ve started creating GPX routes of all my Oregon and Washington 2-day rides so that people can easily access them. Have you considered sharing some of your rides like this?


    1. @Ben – every map I post on the blog is hyperlinked to a Ride with GPS page where you can DL’d the associated GPS track. Just click on the map and you will get the GPS track if you want it.


      1. Got it. Should have looked more closely at your old site. I didn’t see any trip reports on this site and was just wondering.

        Very detailed and helpful stuff throughout your blogs. Thanks for contributing so much to the mountain bike/ bikepacking scene! Your ride through the Chilcotins looks very tempting. I may try it this summer!


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