Fresh Rubber…

Nice and sharp traction knobs…

I’ve been talking about ways to save money lately and the fact more gear isn’t the path to happiness. Having said that one area where I buy new stuff regularly is tires for my mountain bike. We are blessed with 365 days a year riding on the south end of Vancouver Island. About 5 of those months are wet. Having fresh tires on my bike in the winter is a big deal. Once tires are only part way worn they have lost all their sharp edges which means nowhere near the same traction as new despite looking fine from a distance.

So I’ve gotten in the habit of putting a new tire on the rear every fall and inspecting the front tire carefully to see if it needs replacing. Since it’s really the cornering knobs I care about on the front and they wear fairly slowly compared to the drive knobs on the rear that get shredded fast I can get twice the use out of a front tire.

Fresh winter tires means that I end up with a surplus of partially worn tires. That’s not ideal, but both from a safety and an enjoyment perspective it’s a good value proposition for me to spend my money in this area. Plus if I ever kill a tire I know I’ve got a serviceable spare kicking around so no riding is missed. 😉

Ready for a wet winter riding season…

This year we put new Continental Trail Kings on the rear of both our Nomads. The fronts were fine so we kept them rolling. TKs wear evenly and provide excellent wet weather traction. I can’t say enough good things about this tire.

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