Mudhugger Fender Review

Mudhugger and DIY splash shield…

I have a couple months of PNWet riding in the books with a Mudhugger rear fender on my Nomad. So far I love it. 🙂

Checkout the full setup here.

The lack of spray from the rear wheel keeps my butt, my dropper, upper suspension linkage and my rear shock very clean. That makes me happy.

Note the splash shield has gotten much smaller…

I’ve added a small DIY splash shield to the bike as well. Between the fender and the shield my lower suspension linkage from the worst of the dirt and water from the rear wheel.

The difference between no rear fender and the fender + splash shield is a 1000% improvement. Clean shorts, clean seals and bearings. Guilt free winter riding fun. 🙂

Add in a decent front fender [I’m using a Canadian Shield] and your fork seals and lower headset will stay minty fresh as well.

Install was dead easy and once installed the Mudhugger has been both silent and trouble free.


This has been a really positive review so far…anything not to like?

  • adds some weight to the bike
  • costs $42….not crazy expensive, but not free
  • my butt hits the fender a couple times a ride when I go way off the back
  • the mud that was going to spray your butt, dropper, suspension and shock kind of gets redirected towards the back wheel area. This could end up meaning more chain/cassette/derailleur wear. I’m not sure about this, but it’s a possibility.
  • all the Mudhuggers I see regularly [about 4 of them] are slightly bent to one side. You still get full coverage of a 2.4″ tire, but it does look a little goofy. I’m going to try and heat up my fender and let it set straight.

So far my local crew has about 9 Mudhugger users in it and everyone is digging the new fender.

Back to center!

Update: I sorted out my fender alignment issue by removing the fender and re-installing it again. 


2 thoughts on “Mudhugger Fender Review

  1. How does that mudhugger hold up when it is on your bike rack being transported from home to trail? I just wonder how those zip ties hold up when the bike is on the carrier and I’m driving down the highway at 80mph. Does it catch the wind and rattle around?


    1. There has been zero issues transporting it on a rear hitch rack on the highway. The fender is quite stiff and if you use the full compliment of zip ties it’s install is bomber.

      I replace the zip ties middle of the winter as they had loosened a bit. Fender was still secure, but it could move a bit compared to new.


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