No Buying Update – Feb 2016

Dave riding some wood at Mt. Tzouhalem…

If you don’t know what my 2016 No Buying Resolution is all about read this.

So how did I do in February?

  • Bike spending = $0 [didn’t buy or service anything]
  • Beer = I bought a 6 pack each week
  • Savings goal = achieved 156% of my savings goal this month

I did buy some replacement Crocs as my current pair has started to wear out at the heel [where I kill all my shoes]. However, I reconsidered and decided I could keep wearing the current pair a while longer. The new Crocs were put away until I need them.

So two months down and I’m still going strong on this new year’s resolution.

Three things I’m noticing so far:

  1. I’m spending a lot less time thinking about stuff I’d like to buy and a lot more time thinking about stuff I’d like to do.
  2. The less money that I spend the easier it is to spend even less. With fewer transactions to deal with I can easily see when something is unnecessary. It’s hard to hide or lose a purchase amongst all the other stuff I am buying when I’m not buying very much at all.
  3. Zero change in how happy I’m feeling. I’m not feeling deprived. In fact watching my savings grow each month makes me feel like I have more ability to do the things I want to do….which is true.


2 thoughts on “No Buying Update – Feb 2016

    1. Hahaha! I’ve stopped reading magazines. They cost too much and too full of crap!

      Thanks for the kind words. If all goes according to plan I should be able to visit YYC a bunch and go riding in the Rockies. I’m thinking save through 2016/17 and then party starting 1 Jan 2018.

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