You need sealant to stay tubeless…

Velocity Blunt 35 rims and Continental Trail King tires taking a beating…

I’ve been running the same Velocity Blunt 35 rim + Hope hub wheelset for over 3yrs now. For 2.5 of those years I’ve had no issues with them, but lately I have banged the hell out of them – particularly the rear rim. I chalk that up to my usual low pressures combined with riding faster and hitting jumps more. Nothing I can blame the rims for really.

At some point I’ll need to replace the rims and with fresh wheels I’ll have to start running pressures a bit higher so I don’t bang up the new equipment. Winter riding in the PNWet is quite slippery so the low pressures I’ve been using have been very nice for clawing my way up techy climbs and staying rubber side up when cornering on roots and rocks.

I could slow down and stay on the ground more, but seems unlikely so I’ll have to strike a balance between winter traction and keeping my rims dent-free.

Last ride I managed to not only dent my rim charging a rocky descent, but I pinch flatted my rear tire. The hole was small and would have easily sealed had I had much sealant left in the tire unfortunately it had been 4-5 months since they were setup and the sealant was mostly dried up. I was resigned to installing a tube, however, my laziness kicked in and I decided to really shake the tire up and try and get what little Stan’s was left inside to move to the hole and plug it. To my surprise and delight that worked so I could finish my ride. 🙂

Once home I fired several ounces of fresh Stan’s sealant into my rear tire and sealed the hole up real good. I’m probably only 6 weeks away from switching to my summer bike so no point getting too fancy with my repairs. Over the summer I have a long list of maintenance to do on the Nomad. I just need to keep it rolling a few more weeks.

So if you are running tubeless tire and can’t recall the last time you freshened up the sealant take a moment to put some new flatproof juice in there. Both walking back to the car and installing a tube suck!

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