No Buying Update – April 2016

19823117760_b8dae68e50_k (1)
Tools of the trade…

If you don’t know what my 2016 No Buying Resolution is all about read this.

So how did I do in April?

  • Bike spending = $187 [tubeless supplies & new cassette for Pivot]
  • Beer = I bought a 6 pack each week
  • Savings goal = achieved my savings goal this month and then some

Nothing major to report this month. Things are rolling along pretty well. Not buying stuff is getting pretty normal. 4 months down and 8 more to go.

I did buy a cassette for my Pivot and then destroyed it while installing it…ya…stupid…don’t ask. 😦 I also found out my Hope hub SRAM “XD” driver body was damaged so I’m going to need to replace it. So there will be some more drivetrain costs to account for next month.

I did sell $100 worth of old motorcycle parts I wasn’t using so that helped offset the mountain bike maintenance costs. I’ve got some more motorcycle parts to sell so I’ll get off my butt and throw them up on Used Victoria/Craig’s List and move them on.

On the plus side of things it’s summer on Vancouver Island and I’m excited for another epic season of warm/dry riding! 🙂

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