Hope Hub EVO Pro2 2yr Maintenance

Fresh bearings and new “XD” driver…

My hub maintenance program is basically ignore for as long as possible, wait for something to fail catastrophically and fix everything remotely in need of attention…then repeat. I’m not saying this is a good idea, but if you are lazy like me it sort of makes sense. 😉

I thought my SRAM XX1 cassette on my Pivot Mach 6 was worn out because the shifting went to shit and the chain was jumping all over the place. As it turns out that’s also what happens when you ride your “XD” driver body bearings into metal powder.

So I got a fresh “XD” driver and a couple main axle bearing for my Hope hub. Watched a youtube video and hacked a few speciality tools. It took under an hour and I had a freshly overhauled Hope hub that was ready for another 2 seasons of riding before I go through the whole process again.

The important bits…

Hope hubs are dead easy to work on. 🙂

I should note that my XX1 cassette and derailleur are going strong after 2 seasons of riding a bit more than 6 months a year. I do change my chains frequently well before a wear gauge says I should. A new chain is cheap insurance and against worn chainrings and cassettes. For a drivetrain that’s known to be delicate my experience so far isn’t bad at all.

2 thoughts on “Hope Hub EVO Pro2 2yr Maintenance

  1. I love my Hope hubs. One of my favorite things is to clean the pawls after a few weeks of muddy riding and put a little bit of fresh slikoleum in there for an extra loud click.

    I opted to purchase the specific Hope hub tools to avoid damaging bearings which I have done too many times in the past trying to use sockets.


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