No Buying Update – May 2016

Cumberland, BC…

If you don’t know what my 2016 No Buying Resolution is all about read this.

So how did I do in May?

  • Bike spending = $386 [serviced: fork/shock, both brakes, dropper, new freehub & wheel bearings]
  • Beer = I bought a 6 pack each week
  • Savings goal = achieved my savings goal this month and then some

Bike spending was high this month, but I serviced most of my Pivot’s bling bits. I’m a fan of preventative maintenance both because it tends to be cheaper than breaking stuff and because it means my bike doesn’t fail me making me miss out on some sweet prime-time riding. Bike costs should stay low the result of the summer.

On the work front I did some extra work this month. Some of it got saved and invested this month and some I won’t get paid for until June. It’s not a ton of extra $$, but I’m on a mission so if I can save a bit more that’s great.

A little tempted…

I had my first real retail temptation this month. I’ve been wanting to try and low rider lumbar-style pack for a while. I run my conventional hydropack as low as it will go on my back which sort of works, but it’s not made to sit there and it lets me know that. I’ve been wisely staying out of LBS and off online bike shops, but I had to buy a map so I went into a LBS and low and behold they had one of these spiffy Camelbak low rider packs I was keen on. The desire to engage in some retail therapy was strong, but I resisted. 😉


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