I love this mug!

Great mug…terrible breakfast meal!

I’ve been rocking this mug from MSR for ~5yrs and it’s become one of my favourite bits of gear to take camping. I don’t know who does marketing for MSR, but they really went all out when naming this mug – “Stainless Steel  Insulated Mug“. Damn catchy! 😉

First off I like drinking out of stainless steel. Especially tea which is my morning beverage of choice. Not sure why, but it tastes better to me and I like the feel of metal on my lips. Please no dirty comments! This mug fits well into my hands, packs better than a round mug and keeps my drinks warm. I don’t use the lid a lot, but occasionally it’s handy to keep a drink warmer longer or to keep bugs/dirt out if conditions are epic.

Makes for a handy oatmeal bowl…

As a bonus this mug absorbs impact when you crash on it bikepacking saving your body from a bit of abuse! 😉

I’ve had a variety of other mugs over the years, but I have not loved any of them the way I love this bad boy. I liked it so much I bought 3 spares so barring a total home robbery I should be sipping tea out of one of these mugs for the rest of my life. That’s dedication to a great product.

8397013014_d3ec9e71b7_k (1)
Getting psyched to ride some waves with a hot cup of tea…

My only complaint with this mug is that it’s not great as a travel mug. It doesn’t have a spill proof lid and it doesn’t fit into a car’s cup holder worth a damn. But you know what that’s okay. Unless I am driving I prefer drinking from this mug 10 times out of 10.

6 thoughts on “I love this mug!

  1. Reminds me of the old canteen cups we had when I was in the Army, except those weren’t double walled insulated. Nice cup! 🙂


    1. I went with a Snow Peak ti 450ml mug = 15oz (or three more ounces than your mug holds). 🙂

      Different strokes for different folks!


  2. Hey Vik, Saw a post about adventure biking in Vancouver while I was googling for a trip up there in July. Do you have any recommendations of places I can rent some meaty bikes (prefer Surly/Salsa) and a couple nearby trails for an overnight ride?


    1. @AP – sorry I forgot to reply to your question earlier. I don’t know of anywhere that would bikepacking bikes in Vancouver. For day rides I’d point you towards Trailforks.com , but I don’t know of any touring routes in the Vancouver area.

      If you want to come out to Vancouver Island I could suggest some riding options, but I am not super familiar with the mainland.


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