WTB Pure V Saddle Review

WTB Pure V on my Santa Cruz Nomad…

Let me start by saying saddle reviews are largely useless because everyone’s butts are so different. The fact that a saddle works well for me doesn’t tell you a whole lot.

That said here is my WTB Pure V saddle review! πŸ˜‰

First off the Pure V and the Pure are the same saddle with cosmetic differences. My Pure V’s are several years old and have been replaced by the Pure. So don’t let the slight change in name confuse you.

Although I love my leather saddles I wanted a plastic saddle option that was lighter in weight, needed no maintenance/protection and that was cheaper. For my day-to-day mountain biking I don’t need 12hrs+ comfort. Partially because my rides are typically 2-4hrs long and partially because I am not sitting down that much when trail riding.

Front view…

I’ve been using 3 different models of the Pure V for ~3 years. While they are less comfortable than my leather Brooks or Selle Anatomica saddles they are plenty comfortable for trail riding. I’ve done rides up to 10hrs long on them with no issues and road trips of up to 7 days of non-stop riding with no complaints. I have used them for bikepacking and for gravel grinding/logging roads I don’t find them comfortable enough for all day riding as I spend most of the time seated. For singletrack bikepacking I find they work okay for long days since I am standing much more.

I should note that I do not wear bike diapers and I do not use any lotions or potions on my butt. I don’t find them comfortable nor desirable.

So these WTB saddles work great for me for the majority of my riding needs. It’s only really at the extremes of use where I find the limits of their comfort. That’s okay with me as I’ll just use a leather saddle when I need to.

In terms of maintenance and durability I have done nothing to my Pure V’s to keep them working. They are dirty and scuffed, but still 100% functional. I expect I’ll get many more years of use from them.

Top view…

Aside from comfort I like the shape of the WTB for my trail riding in steep and techy terrain. There is enough length to slide up the saddle a bit during steep seated climbs, but these saddles don’t snag on my shorts nor prevent me from moving around during the ride. Once I lower the saddle with my dropper they are basically out of my mind. I don’t rub them or really notice them at all.

So what’s the point of a saddle review if people are so different? Well the reason I ended up on WTB Pure V saddles is because I asked on a forum what plastic saddles folks liked who also liked Brooks B17 and Selle Anatomic saddles. I was suggested this WTB model and found it also worked nicely for me. So I am posting this review figuring that someone who likes any of my go to saddles might appreciate having some other saddle ideas presented to them to try out. Hopefully it helps you home in on a good option like it did for me. πŸ™‚

Rear view…

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