Happy 2017!

Last ride of 2016 at Mt. Tzouhalem…

I hope everyone reading this post had a great 2016 and best wishes for 2017! For me 2016 was a solid year for riding with numerous road trips, a couple tours and a lot of local shredding. Sorry the blogging has suffered a bit, but my priority is to get out on the bike not to write about wanting to get out on the bike! πŸ˜‰

My 2016 No Buying Resolution had the desired effect with last year being the year where I spent the least in the last 20 years and where I saved the most. As I’ve talked about previously the less I spend the more I save the closer I get to carving out bigger chunks of free time for fun stuff I want to do. So by that measure 2016 was an important step towards my recreational goals.

Although having money related resolutions can be useful in hitting financial targets it’s quite possible to spend too much time thinking about money. So for 2017 my resolution is all about riding. I want to spend at least 2 days each riding the following areas in 2017:

  • Whistler [not the bike park]
  • Squamish
  • North Shore
  • Pemberton

Now you might say that’s not a terribly hard resolution to complete. In theory yes, but having lived on the island since 2010 I still have not ridden any of those spots. Crazy I know, but true. So if I make this resolution happen it will be significant progress in taking advantage of some of the amazing local riding we are spoiled with in BC.

Part of the problem is that the riding on Vancouver Island is so good in the summer that it’s hard to get motivated to leave. Especially when taking the ferry to the mainland is expensive and hordes of bike tourists are fighting for the same trails. I think the key will be hitting these spots early season and late season when they aren’t super busy.

2017 is here. Let’s do this! πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Happy 2017!

  1. I’m coming out to Washington for a wedding this summer, and besides revisiting Bellingham, I really want to get up to ride some of the four spots you mentioned, top priority being Squamish. BC stoke is high!


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