My new e-Hiker!

My Sierra Designs e-Hiker 1000...

I know e-mountain bikes are all the rage these days. I don’t want an e-bike as I can ride anything I want under human power and enjoy the exercise, but I got one of these ^^^ e-hikers. My friends like to hike, but I don’t and maybe because of too much biking my hiking muscles aren’t great so I am always at the back.

With an e-hiker I get a lot of the benefits of hiking [hanging out with friends, fresh air, some exercise, etc…] without actually having to work on my hiking fitness. I can stay at the front of my friends’ hiking group and sometimes I do 2 or 3 hikes in a day when normally I’d just do a single ride.

Don’t worry the e-hiker won’t hike on its own! I have to be awake and moving my arms and legs. It’s electric so it doesn’t make any noise and it’s just like as if I was hiking on my own except I am a bit heavier. I’ve had some people complain about my e-hiker on the trails, but there is are always going to be negative nellies right?

I mean if hikers are allowed on a trail than there is no reason I shouldn’t be allowed to e-hike! My speed is limited to 7mph unless I hit turbo and then I can do a short burst of 14mph. I save that for hills where I like to blast past puny human powered hikers! So much fun. I have about a 40 mile range, but I can keep spare battery packs in the car to let me do multiple hikes each day.

Anyways…just thought I would share. Getting outside and to the top of a mountain is so much fun. Especially now where it’s more like the effort of getting a couple beers from the kitchen instead of…you know….like walking on my own. So glad technology is improving our lives like this! 🙂

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