5.10 Freerider Shoe 3yr Review

Freeriders pair #2 & #3…

Well I wore out another pair of 5.10 Freerider mountain bike shoes. I seem to get about 1.5yrs out of a pair before they breakdown enough that my feet start to hurt. The soles and the uppers are still intact, but my old feet need more support than they can offer after this time. As far as reviews go I really have nothing more to add than my last review, which you can read here. Good reviews take time and even with no new observations I think it’s useful to know that I continue to enjoy these shoes.

This time around I got the regular version of the Freeriders instead of the “Elements” weatherproof version. No real reason for that other than the standard Freeriders are what fell to hand when it came time to order new shoes. In a perfect world these shoes would last a bit longer for me, but to be fair other folks may get a lot more use from them than I do if having a stiffer sole isn’t important to their foot comfort.

I occasionally think about trying other shoes and then keep ordering new Freeriders. So I guess Five Ten must be doing something right. Here’s to another 18 months of good times with my new shoes. 🙂


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