Knolly Endorphin + Reservoir Shock + Water Bottle

IMG_0795 (1)
Tight, but shock and bottle fit!

I was happy that I could fit a small water bottle inside the frame of my large Knolly Endorphin with a reservoir shock. That made ditching a hydration pack a lot easier and for the most part I don’t need the extra oil volume a reservoir shock offers. That said there are definitely times [The Angel’s Staircase Loop or the Whole Enchilada] where extended chunky downhills result in degraded suspension performance without that extra oil volume.

Shock adjustments are not easy to access…

So I was really stoked when I came across a photo online showing an Endorphin with a reservoir shock that had been flipped so the frame had room for a water bottle. It looked really tight to my eye, but I thought I might as well try it with my Cane Creek DBair. I’m happy to report there is just enough room for it to work. The only downside is that it puts the climb switch and shock adjustment dials in an awkward position. You can still move the climb switch if you are not riding, but to change the suspension settings you’d need to pull the shock.

If you stop riding and reach down you can flick climb switch…

Those limitations are fine by me. I don’t use the climb switch frequently preferring to ride in full open except for extended fire road climbs and I don’t mess with suspension settings once I find a happy setup.

So not my bright idea [credit to Black’s Cycle Facebook page], but I thought I would share it in case anyone else was keen on trying the same setup. 🙂

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