Surly Krampus Fenders

Surly Krampus ready to get wet…

I’ve been riding my Surly Krampus as an urban assault machine a lot. It’s really fun in the city almost all the time. The one time it’s not great is when it’s raining or the ground is wet from a recent rain. I have a Surly Straggler and a Surly LHT that both feature full coverage fenders which are the solution to wet roads. Not wanting to be deterred from riding the Krampus in the PNWet winter I looked for a fender solution that would work with 3″ wide 29+ tires.

In the past there was a vendor who made full coverage fenders for this bike, but they do not appear to be for sale any longer. I haven’t come across any other full coverage fenders that look like they’d work well. So I gave up on that idea and settled on a partial coverage option.

My Krampus without fenders…

I’m using Mudhugger fenders front and rear with a PDW downtube splash guard to help the short front fender do its job better. On the plus side this is a robust fender setup that provides a significant amount of protection from tire spray and it can be ridden hard offroad without fear it’s going to move or need a lot of adjustment. On the downside the protection is not perfect and I would not wear nice city clothes and head to a job interview in the rain with this bike.

All in all that’s okay. This should work for short rips around my neighbourhood and for those times I get caught out in a rain storm and have to get home without hating life even if I am not 100% dry/clean from road spray. For really epic rain and/or long wet rides one of my bikes with full coverage fenders is a much better idea.

The front Mudhugger fender did require the drilling of 4 new mounting holes to fit my rigid fork as the stock holes are positioned for the brace of a suspension fork. The rear fender and downtube splash guard went on without modification. The front and rear fenders are the standard Mudhugger mountain bike fenders in the longer variant. They fit 3″ wide tires without issue.

A previous attempt at adding fenders that was not very satisfactory…

3 thoughts on “Surly Krampus Fenders

  1. Getting a Krampus in the next couple days here. Hoping to get out mtbiking and one or two bikepacking tours in this year. Are there any 2-3 day tours available in the nanaimo/comox valley areas? Also, any recommendations for resources to start building my bikepacking equipment? Awesome blog man – very inspiring!


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