Race Face Stage Shorts Review…

rf stage shorts
Race Face Stage Shorts…

Back in 2017 I wrote a review about these Race Face Stage Shorts and I was in love. It’s been three years so I wanted to follow up with a long-term review to let you know how durable they have been and if I still love them. Here is part of what I said in 2017:

I am a connoisseur of mountain bike shorts since I spend a lot of time in them and figure that time might as well be spent in the best shorts I can find. Recently I tried some Race Face Stage Shorts and love them. Race Face nailed most of my shorts wishlist when they designed these bad boys.

  • Light durable material that dries quick
  • No vents [particularly ones you can’t close]
  • Long inseam so they cover the tops of my knee pads
  • Baggy fit without getting ridiculous
  • Belt loops
  • High waist at rear
  • Reinforced at high wear areas
  • Easy to pee
  • Looks good
  • Colours don’t suck

In fact the only criticism I have of these shorts is I prefer deep front pockets without a zip, but that’s not a deal breaker at all.

I’ve been using these shorts almost exclusively for my regular mountain bike rides over the last few years and I have not had one issue with durability or even crash damage. They’ve held up really really well. They are comfortable all year round in the PNWet which is great. I don’t have to think twice what to wear. They manage to be warm in the moist cool winter here and cool in the hot dry summers. Despite getting filthy they wash up nicely and other than grease seem to shed stains easily. I love the long 15″ inseam. It’s the perfect length for my preferences and has ruined me on shorter inseam shorts.

Unfortunately it seems that Race Face has “improved” the Stage Short for 2020 by changing the inseam from 15″ to 12″-12.75″. Bummer. Over the years I have picked up a few additional pairs of these shorts so I’ll probably be wearing them for the next 10 years! Companies “improving” products I love and making them less amazing for me is the story of my life so I am not surprised.

As a note these shorts do not come with a padded liner. I don’t wear padded bike shorts so that’s perfect for me as I usually have to pay for a padded liner, remove them and throw them away. However, if that’s something you want you’ll have to buy one separately.

So yeah I love love love these shorts. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Race Face Stage Shorts Review…

  1. How is the sizing on the 2020 version? All other reviews say they run small but biggest size is XL so worried that is too big


    1. I would normally wear size 34 pants. I buy size Large RF Shorts and there is lots of room in the waist. I wear a belt with them.


      1. I’m usually a 36 and a Large in most athletic shorts. You think in the RF stage to go with L or XL? Thanks


      1. Yea Understandably lol. I appreciate your help though. All the other reviews say that the sizes run different depending on the year. Thanks!


    2. I’ve owner Stage shorts from each of the last few years I don’t think the waist has changed, but the inseam did get a bit shorter in the most recent models.


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