G-Form Elite Knee Shin Guard Review…

G-Form Elite Knee Shin Guards…

I’ve been wearing these G-Form bike leg armour pads exclusively this past winter. My goal was to get a medium-light weight pad that was comfortable for extended pedaling and was a bit warmer for the cool to cold temperatures. Overall I give them two-thumbs up. They provide good coverage for the knee and shin. They stay in place pretty well while riding. I’ve worn them for all day rides up to 80kms without really a second thought. They deliver as advertised.

I can’t vouch for the protection they offer in a serious crash as I didn’t have one. As with any sleeve style pad with thin armour and no straps to hold it in place I would not expect too much. If I was going to race or do some really intense riding I’d put something else on. But, for my typical Coastal BC “All Mountain” trail rides they seem appropriate.

These pads did see all the normal mountain bike wear and tear….pedal pins and sharp branches, etc… They’ve held up well and barring a bad crash I think they should last several winters. They haven’t stretched out much, which is key on a pad with no fit adjustment.

Really the only negatives I can note are they are not cheap at ~$130USD and they are warm. That later point makes them great for winter use, but now that things have warmed up here on Vancouver Island I’ve put them away until next winter in favour of a smaller more ventilated knee pad. I’ll be happy to get these G-Form pads out for next winter though.

FWIW – they are not shown on the G-Form website for adult men at the moment so I am not sure if that’s just a stock issue or if they have stopped making them. Jenson USA is still selling them as of May 2020.

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