My On Bike Tools & Supplies List…

Every bike I ride has a frame bag stuffed with some bike tools, supplies and first aid items. I was just packing a new frame bag so I figured I’d share what I carry in case it’s useful to anyone setting up their new bike.

  • Rock Bros Frame Bag [Useful size and mostly waterproof.]
  • Cranks Bros Gem Mini-Pump [Small size and works fine on plump MTB tires.]
  • Tire Levers [Cheap and cheerful. I pack 3 since they break.]
  • Tubeless Tire Plugs [A couple sizes and enough to share.]
  • Spare Valve Core [These get plugged with sealant and fail.]
  • Valve Core Tool [Gets stuck cores out.]
  • Spare Tube [26er tube works fine in a 29er and is smaller/lighter to carry.]
  • Mutli-Tool [Includes a chain tool.]
  • Spare Shimano 11 Speed QR Link
  • Gloves [It’s nice not to have greasy hands!]
  • Zipties and Duct Tape [Always handy.]
  • Clean Bandana and Steri-Strips [For human mechanicals.]
  • Spare SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger [Missing from photo. On order at LBS.]

My goal isn’t to carry enough tools to fix every possible bike or human problem that could happen. That list is so long I’d need an expedition backpack to carry all the gear needed. Rather I want enough tools/supplies to fix common mechanicals like a flat tire, broken chain or a human mechanical like a savage pedal cut. I just need to get back to my vehicle or home where I can do a better job of fixing my bike or myself. To be fair I use my onboard tools/supplies to help other people a lot more often than I do to help myself. That’s fine. It’s nice to be prepared well enough you can get other people back on the trail.

In the photo above all my tools/supplies are in that upside down bag inside the frame right above the water bottle. This keeps the weight lower and although it takes a second to access the bag I don’t dive into this bag unless there is a problem. The upper Rock Bros bag near the stem is where I put my fast access items like camera, phone, energy bar, wind vest, etc…

One pro tip is that you should unpack and verify the contents of a bag like this every year. It’s easy to forget that you gave the spare tube to a friend months ago, a multi-tool can get wet and rust to the point where it’s no use and even if you do have that spare tube with you…enough bouncing/rubbing against other items will eventually put a hole into it.


One thought on “My On Bike Tools & Supplies List…

  1. Nice pack set-up! I have mostly the same stuff in my hip pack. I also carry a spare derailleur cable, which weighs hardly anything and has come in handy for replacing a friends dropper post cable on the trail. Good to see the gloves, I have used them many times and they make such a difference when continuing the ride after a messy repair – either chain or when tubeless/inserting a tube.


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