Soma Further 1L Water Bottle Review…

Soma doesn’t jump to front of mind when I think about water bottles. I am a fan of their line of Soma Dream Bars and I was ordering a couple from their website when I figured I should scope out the whole site and see if there was anything else I wanted to order since I was taking the US–>Canada shipping hit. That’s when I noticed these oversized water bottles and snagged a couple.

Specs are noted in the image above Price is $11.99USD at time of posting. This bottle’s main claim to fame is having a high capacity while still fitting into a normal bottle cage. I hate wearing a pack [back or fanny] when I ride and would always rather have my gear/food/water on my frame. I ride hardtails a lot and most of the time a 600-750ml bottle is enough for my riding here on the BC Coast. Occasionally a particularly long/warm ride makes me want to haul extra water. The Further bottle is very handy because I don’t need a second bottle cage on the bike and I can just fill the Soma bottle, throw it in the cage and ride. It doesn’t take more than a moment to decide to carry more water and then roll out of the garage with it.

I chose the auto-seal sip valve. It’s just a simpler/easier to use design. Just put the nozzle to your lips, squeeze and drink. The downside is that the bottle doesn’t seal securely so if you squeeze it inadvertently stuff is coming out. That doesn’t bother me, but if you are always spilling stuff you might want to choose the pull out valve. The bottle has been durable and doesn’t impart a plastic taste to the water. I’ve tried it in a few bottle cages and it worked well in all of them.

Obviously you need a bit of room to fit this large bottle. If you’ve got a tight full suspension frame it probably won’t work. When full it’s quite heavy so if you’ve got a cage that’s not very stiff it might not hold the Further bottle securely. I haven’t had an issue, but I also find that I drink a fair bit on the way up during a longer/warm ride so that by the time I am heading down and smashing the bike around the bottle isn’t overly full.

I’m glad I tried the Soma Further bottle. It’s a convenient way to increase my bike’s water carrying capacity when needed using a standard bottle cage.

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