Dropping ledges on the way back to the car after Hangover Trail…

For a variety of reasons I’m not great at documenting rides on this blog. For my local rides I sort of feel it’s just lots of variations on the same rides I’ve done in the past so I struggle for a fresh angle to write about. For road trips I end up with a massive pile of photos and stories, but coming back to a bunch or catch up work I feel rushed and when things are caught up the freshness of my thoughts on the trip has long expired I and I don’t bother.

Sharon going wild on The Hogs in Sedona…

So that’s why I tend to post a lot of gear review posts. They are just easy to do, feel fresh and are no problem to schedule when I have free time.That said if you want more day-to-day ride content check out my Instagram feed. Just search for Vikapproved. I tend to post realtime photos from rides there with some minimal discussion. 🙂

Aaron getting zesty in Sedona…

If you are wondering these photos are from a 2 week Gooseberry Mesa/Sedona road trip last Oct that I never got around to documenting!

I love me a big slab…

Update: If you are looking for my content on social media I gave up on Instagram/FB/Strava/Etc… There is some stuff still up on those channels, but I haven’t added anything in a few years. I have no plans to restart. I am posting things occasionally on this blog, but that’s about it.


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