No Buying Update – June 2016

A brief stop along my morning commute to appreciate a local wetland…

If you don’t know what my 2016 No Buying Resolution is all about read this.

So how did I do in June?

  • Bike spending = $123
    • pedals bearings x 2 sets
    • brake pads x 2 sets
    • trail maps x 2
    • installed fresh tire [paid for in 2015]
  • Beer = came out of June with one 6 pack beer credit due to buying four 6 packs and getting one 6 pack credit for commuting 200kms
  • Savings goal = achieved my savings goal this month
  • Bicycle commuting = rode 200km of my 1000km target for the rest of this year

I sold some unwanted gear this month and received some cash and also traded for a new hydration pack. That was a good way to clear out my closest and get something new without buying it.

Half the year is done and I am happy with my progress. 🙂

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