A little snow won’t get in the way of a great ride…

Southern Vancouver Island got a little snow over the holidays so we made the most of it and got our bikes out on the trails every chance we got.

The deeper the snow the more fun steep trails were…

Riding 2.4″ tires in the snow was no problem. In most cases traction was as good as it would be if the trails were just wet…actually better since snow covered roots were more grippy than wet roots.

I managed to get fresh tracks most days…

When in doubt it makes sense to just head out and give turning the pedals a try. I rarely get disappointed.

I love having the whole forest to myself…

Not that many people seem to want to ride when the trails are white. I’m not sure why not…the riding is so much fun.

So different and so much the same!

That’s okay. I never did like crowds.

Mild temperatures meant no ice…

The deeper snow sections made for a really excellent workout, but most of the time a low gear and a willingness to grind along got me through without walking.

Yes it snows in Victoria….occasionally!

Nice thing about a snow ride is you and your bike come home clean. You just need to dry off and you are ready for the next time.

Don’t tell my girlfriend…

Looks like we have another big storm rolling in. I’m excited. More fresh snow to shred!

First tracks again…

I hope everyone had a wonderful holidays and is getting some riding in to burn off some of the Christmas turkey!

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